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Wonderful lesson in what President Obama called America’s “original sin”— slavery, racism, and white supremacy. Looking forward to the next newsletter and “how we can help” save our democracy.

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Thank you for this historical perspective that helps explain what brought us to our present circumstances. I hope everyone reads this!

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A good read. Thank you for the education Andrew.

I read Part 2 before I started looking for Part 1-

The first thing that caught my eye was if the belief that one drop of black blood makes one black then all human beings are black. The beginning of all life comes from Africa, right? Black people. It has been proven.

Plus wasn't President Lincoln mixed race? All Americans are mixed race, including the so called white's.

I see that all this started when Criminal Columbus stepped on our land. People of all colors and races were already here, so he discovered nothing.

Unjust laws created by more criminals took the lands from the people who were already here.

Do you remember the 3,000 year old skull found in the USA? It hasn't been that many years ago. Oh, how excited they were. Now with the new technology they can see that a man looked like back them.

Wait for it, yes the scientist was shocked to see it, in his words, "a Negro."

The 14th Amendment -Giving us Citizenship to our own land, our own country? How Absurd, Ridiculous, illogical, to say the least. We were already here. My grandmother told us that we are Indians, Native to this country and don't let anyone tell you any different. Yes, the lie that the Indians were shipped to Nigeria and other foreign lands is true, but they did not take us all. We are still here. Yes, it is true that our ancestors were enslaved, raped, babies sold, husband sold, children sold, mixed with the Africans brought over and other races.

It is called kidnapping. Taking someone by force? What else can it be called, but a crime.

So, brought over to these lands to work without pay. All illegal in the eyes of The Almighty who made us all. Crimes. All crimes. All need to be held accountable. All the old money needs to be given to all the people of color who relatives were forced to work free for over 400+ years. They were disenfranchised, murdered men, women, and children. Even the children were forced to work.

The fact is, the History books are all lies, the crimes going on today is by the so called law makers. Americans are not stupid. We know that the government secretly allowed War War II Nazi Criminals into our country without going through Immigration. Yet, the people coming from South America who's relatives that owned these lands. Forced to run or be killed. Isn't this the same thing Putin is doing?

Killing the people to take over their land? Children taken from Mothers at the border, was a criminal act. Who was responsible for putting little babies in cages? Child abuse is against the laws of this country.

Not letting our Congress men and women in to see the conditions, criminal behavior. Hello! Donald is a Criminal and needs to be held accountable for what was done to these poor children and their families. Some of the children are still missing. Why are we not talking about that? Why isn't ICE being stopped? Why has happened to the children that were murdered? Anyone being held accountable?

If we don't learn, history will repeat itself. We the people, need to get the Neo-Nazis, the white hate group members out of Congress. They are criminals. Making unjust laws is a criminal act.

And speaking of criminals. The Lord told me that if the Prisons were not Rehabilitating People to let them go free. He said it was slavery. Putting people in jails and prisons after a criminal made unjust laws to put them there.

Your article got me going. I'm going to stop, but I must say something about Chief Justice John Roberts. I believed he was a man of great honor. "He has played a role in eviscerating the Voting Rights Act's."


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